Marc Sund - Galerie Extrawurst - Augsburg Germany

"Cloudy Mountain" Canvas

"Cloudy Mountain" Canvas by Marc Sund | "Wolkenberg" Leinwand von Marc Sund

Original Artwork 2023
Spray and Acrylic paint on canvas.
Signed by Artist
Size: 60 x 50 cm
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Original Kunstwerk 2023
Acryl- und Lackfarbe auf Leinwand.
Künstler signiert.
Größe: 60 x 50 cm
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Tales of Faegirlund:
The cloudy mountains of Faegirlund are lying far in the north close to the everlasting ice. This abrasive landscape is governed not only by the cold but also by active volcanos and the warmer waters arriving here from the south. These circumstances create beautiful beaches just a stone throw away from snowy mountains. This part of Faegirlund is only populated by natives who been here since the dawn of time. The natives of the cloudy mountains are welcoming people but they keep a close watch on any foreign visitors. If anyone dares to harm their holy places in selfish ways, they do not hesitate to display or even make use of their warrior spirit. The natives know that this far in the north any kind of consequences from the Faegirlund Government is just a pointless venture. The natives can hide in these lands for years but any foreigner despite their high-tech equipment will not last for longer than a month in this extremely abrasive landscape.

About the artwork:
The biggest inspiration for this artwork is mother nature itself. The coast line, the sea and earthly colored mountains are painted using different artist knifes and acrylic paint to produce a sharp and edge look. This is inspired by a painting of Remo Lienhard. I particularly like this sharp look for the water waves as they can be crushing and flowing. The clouds and blue volcanos in the background are painted using soft brushes and acrylic paint to make them flow with the wind and fade into the far. The volcano is inspired by the eruptions in Iceland in 2010. The space stations is actually a geometrically impossible object, hence an optical illusion which is inspired by many the paintings of M. C. Esher. The station is created using spray paint and different stencils. I initially planned to draw Camels in the back, inspired by Dali, wondering through the sea but that would have been to much for the composition. The native warrior in front is actually from one of my previous Faegirlund paintings called “Winter War

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