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Galerie Extrawurst, Stephansgasse 8, 86153 Augsburg, Germany 


German street artist/graffiti writer Marc Sund, aka ASTA, loves nothing more than highlighting controversial political subjects. The process has been somewhat gradual as the artist started his creative journey painting letters on walls as a graffiti writer.  Influenced by the international community of writers in the nineteen nineties ASTA created his own 3D style. Much of his work today fuses the two elements and spotlights the artists intentions.

Marc Sund is a German street artist, muralist, painter and graffiti writer who currently lives in Munich and painted pieces all over Europe. His art works often contain as much powerful images as they deliver food for thoughts. Born in East Germany in 1982 and growing up in the Baltic city of Rostock, he started his active art life as a local graffiti artist. In his early graffiti years, he developed his own 3D letter style known under the synonym ASTA and was influenced by the local and international Graffiti artists of the 90’s. Pretty quickly his art work evolved from style letters into street art murals and paintings. Nowadays, his versatile art mainly contains eye-catching characters, scenarios or natural patterns. Marc’s work targets social or political issues, but it also shows beautiful and colorful effects to attract the mind and the eye of the observer. Although the majority of his pieces are created by can on concrete walls, his art work is not bound to any specific technique or background. Brush, chalk, stencil techniques or even digital art works can be found in his repertoire as much as canvas, paper or textile grounds.